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This #NFT project Boring OWLS
is created from three blockchain punks.
One artists, one developer & last is programmer

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Hi There

Why #NFT

This project started as an idea in year 2019 to become a reality.
Recently, NFT in blockchain has become an obsession for art to be introduced in this technology as part of the purchase of digital art, gifts, auctions, trade, etc...
The team has started this project to move on?

We are talking about NFT Card Game in blockchain technology!

The team has started this project to continue further. Due to the high cost in the beginning, we made a decision to create an NFT: Boring OWLS to take advantage of this project and continue to build game in Blockchain.
The game budget is from $350K up to $550K which will be built on Blockchain Technology using Ethereum/Polygon smart contracts and on the Unity platform

This budget will include: synopsis, strategy, overview of the main lore of the story, in-depth flow of the introduction area, designing, development, programming, development, maps & skins and demo version before launching online.

Why We Did It

We've got created everything that you need to launch and grow your NFTs


Non-fungible a.k.a #NFT tokens had a massive rise on 2018 and their popularity is only set to continue its meteoric rise. So we've created the Boring OWLs NFT for you and gathered together the 1005 craziest colletion, and weirdest NFT ideas and examples to get on it.


The unique creation of Boring OWL's figure was created by the inspiration of our artist creating the unique shape of the special character that you have not seen until now. 4 of them are unique, 13 different collections with thousands of colors to choose your favorite Boring OWL.


All NFT can be kept for personal use, can be given as a gift or used as a prize for other activities as users wish. Enjoy with Boring OWLs with your friends and mitual friends by selling and buying these unique arts...


Bringing the world to Ethereum... Polygon believes in Web3 for all. Polygon is a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing on security.

BUY Boring OWLs NFT's

Where To Buy Boring OWLs NFT's:

Genesis OWL Pixelated #001

Boring OWL @ Opeansea.io

Genesis OWL dark #001

Boring OWL @ Opeansea.io

Genesis OWL light #001

Boring OWL @ Opeansea.io

Genesis OWL #001

Boring OWL @ Opeansea.io


Our started Partners:

“I think NFTs have been interesting from a cultural perspective because they bring people into Ethereum that have a completely different mindset than DeFi and regular crypto people.”

Vitalik Buterin
Vitalik Buterin Ethereum Co-founder

Love these NFTs (Non-fungible token)... Really fun :O Wish he had more for sale! Check out my NFTs at lazy.com/mcuban some bought. some gifted to me.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban Science & Technology

NFTs are next for enterprise Ethereum!
“We’re now moving into a world where we have these nonfungible software objects that have unique identities that can actually accept money, pay money and can participate in governance, either in decentralized autonomous organizations or potentially other kinds of governments that can govern themselves.”

Joe Lubin
Joe Lubin ConsenSys & Ethereum

Wozniak also believed that crypto can be used ‘effectively’ for payments. “Yes I am in that camp that crypto will be used effectively. We have so many digital ways to pay for things now.” “Crypto just has a little bit of anonymity. I don’t know if that’s right that, I can do things without people knowing. It is hard to trace back crypto, though it is possible.”

Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak Apple co-founder

"I think NFTs are here to stay, but that doesn't mean that the prices of a Ringers or a Punk are going to stay at these elevated levels. It seems to me like a pretty good time to at least book some profits, and fold it back into bitcoin, or ethereum, or another token."

Mike Novogratz
Mike Novogratz CEO, GLXY CN

Even though Ethereum NFTs are getting more of a public spotlight, 27% of NFT creators are choosing to use @0xPolygon with the OpenSea collection manager now

Alex Atallah
Alex Atallah Cofounder & CTO of @OpenSea

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